Pie.php PHP Micro Framework

A snap-on micro framework to build web applications and API's


use Pie\Pie;
use Pie\Crust\RouteParams;
use Pie\Modules\Route\Route;

$app = Pie::module('HelloApp', ['Route']);

$app->config(function(Route $route){
    $route->when('/hello/:name', [
        'controller' => 'HelloCtrl'

$app->controller('HelloCtrl', function(RouteParams $routeParams){
    echo "<h1>Hello, $routeParams->name</h1>";


Create powerful apps and api's with only a few modules, and a file sturcture of your choosing!


Leave the bloatware out!

Super tiny code base to allow you to add as many modules as you would like to do powerful things!


With all the bloatware gone, you can take advantage of what php has to offer in speeds!

Mod it

Create your own modules super easily to plug into the framework!